Hi there. Thanks for taking a moment of your day to visit my blog, SpeakJaneSpeak.com. I’m just your average plain Jane who lives to write, spoil her husband and tot, and somehow make time in her busy life to shower!

I grew up in a beautiful coastal village on the east coast where I learned everything I ever thought I needed to know about life, love and happiness…that is, until I stepped into the real world. It wasn’t until I moved hours from home for college that I realized that life was what you make it, beautiful or not. I set goals, met them and still today my little family grabs life by the horns and rides it for all its worth. We are a family of dreamers who live out their dreams, never sits still and make life happen.

SpeakJaneSpeak.com is my therapy, my drug of choice, my hobby, my etc. etc. etc. Here you’ll find yummy recipe’s, DIY projects that I think will save you time and energy in your day-to-day, GIVEAWAYS (yay), and entertaining posts about my little family’s world. I promise only one thing. It won’t always be pretty, but it will always be honest. Since our tot was born our adventures have become slightly less, well, adventurous. With tot in tow we no longer plan great vacations, but rather 2 hour excursions to Target and dinner. But alas we’d not change a thing, because as any parent will admit, surviving any day with kids is an adventure in itself!

I hope you continue to enjoy SpeakJaneSpeak.com. Spread the word to your friends and family, find us on Facebook and Twitter and also leave comments.



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