8th Grade Social Studies – Unit 1

The title of this unit is “NC/US Geography and Social Studies 101”. This unit lays the groundwork for the study of American and North Carolina history. Students will review the basic geography of both North Carolina and the United States. They will establish a common understanding of the verbs used in their standards for this course. Students WILL BE EXPECTED TO LEARN THE 50 STATES AND THEIR LOCATION by the end of the unit. The final piece of this unit will review primary and secondary sources along with the issues of perspective and bias.

Upon the completion of the unit, students will be able to:
Define and explain the terms physical characteristics, regions, primary source, and bias.
Explain how the environment influenced the development of the United States.
Read two passages about the same event and discuss the similarities and differences between the two.
Read and summarize a passage about a historic event in US history and explain this summary to a group.
Develop a cause/effect graphic organizer analyzing and identifying the causes and effects of bias in a primary source.