8th Grade ELA Unit 1 – American Mythology

During this unit students will summarize, cite textual support, and analyze the development of theme/central idea. They will write using verbs in active and passive voice while avoiding inappropriate verb shifts to develop a well organized, descriptive narrative with proper techniques. They will learn the meaning of unknown words/domain specific vocabulary and participate, while responding to others, in discussion groups.

By the end of this unit students will be able to objectively summarize a given text, analyze a text for the theme/central idea, cite a text to support claims, learn meanings of unknown words, develop a well organized descriptive narrative, write in active and passive voice; avoid unnecessary verb shifts, prepare, participate, and respond to others in discussion groups.

Through informational texts, we’ll make cross-curricular connections to:
Social Studies – Native American mythology (comparing and contrasting), theology versus mythology depends on perspective
Science – Creation of myth as explanation of unknown scientific phenomenon
Physical Education – Ancient Olympic Games
Art and musical appreciation – students create their own symbol that displays their character traits and “fatal” flaws; create visual story boards