7th Grade ELA Unit 1 – Discovery

During this unit students will – read for the purpose of finding the theme, supporting their answers, and determine meaning and connotation of new words. They will engage in narrative writing with a focus on using dialogue and well-structured event sequences. They will complete short research projects. Students will prepare in order to contribute to class discussions.

By the end of this unit students will be able to – Find the theme, Read/Write narrative stories that use dialogue, multiple settings, and have a logical sequence, determine meanings of unknown words,complete a short research project, and prepare to contribute to classroom discussions.

Through informational texts, we’ll make cross-curricular connections in –
Science: natural cycles, metamorphosis, genetics (what makes you, you)
Social Studies: Early Incantation to the Spanish Inquisition, Religion (rituals, ceremonies, traditions)
Physical Education: awareness of our bodies needs (demands of sports on our bodies, sleep needs, nutrition needs)