Supply List 2017-18

Dear Students and Parents,

I know you’re dreading the list, but I made sure you could get everything except the chromebook case from Walmart, Target, or the dollar store. Now, let me explain the chromebook case a bit. We are excited to offer 1:1 technology to our students this year. Students will be “checking out” a chromebook for monitored daily use during homeroom each morning. In order to do so, students must FIRST provide a carrying case or sleeve to protect the device as they travel between Mr. Kocher and myself. Students WILL NOT be permitted to take the device to encore, or take them home. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

-Mrs. Wingfield

Required Supplies

4 marble composition notebooks

1.5 inch three ring binder

2 Pocket folders with holes to store in your binder

1 pack of tab dividers

2 packs of college ruled notebook paper

Glue Sticks



Colored pen (any color)

Fine Point whiteboard marker (student use)

Zip style 3 hole pencil pouch for binder

Colored pencils

Neoprene chromebook carrying case/sleeve


Optional, but appreciated

Tissues (lots!)

Classroom pencils

Classroom markers

Whiteboard wipes

Baby Wipes or Clorox Wipes

Candy/treats/snack cakes for the reward bin