Around the Manor

It’s HOT already. And not spring hot, but summer hot. A hot I’m not excited about. A hot that’s making me sweat. I hate to sweat. HATE TO SWEAT.

But with the warmth comes growth. LOTS of growth.


I have a lot of hope in this little garden. May it grow great, and fill our freezer for the coming fall.


These precious beauties are growing wild down the fence line. And there’s a few vases full placed here and there around the house.

The Bradford pear tree is covered in baby fruit, as are the apple tree’s. But I’m most excited about this…


Last year we moved in just after the squirrels devoured the last peach from this tree. This year it’s…

If you need me, I’ll be soaking my feet in the baby pool. Ah, the simple life.


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