Blessed Easter

It’s Easter. As a Christian Easter is a time of remembrance and renewal. Forget the bunny (although we enjoy that part of the celebration) bring on the palm leaves, lilies, and overwhelming feeling of gratitude for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


We tend to overindulge our tot. Shocking, I know. And, admittedly, last year we went overboard on the whole Easter Bunny thing. Hence…

imageYep. Everyday, she comes out of her house, hangs in the living room, and endures hundreds of tot kisses and “hugs” just for a leaf or two of her favorite grub. This is Happy Miss Bunny Love. And yes, we love her still.

So this year I wanted to spend more quality time together. I thought bypassing the hype of the holiday would make it more meaningful, and allow us to concentrate on the meaning of the celebration. We did a little of this…


A bit of this, too…


We tried a bit of this, but couldn’t sit still long enough…


And, of course we…

DSC07066We had fun. So much family, faith-filled fun.

Just because I know your thinking it, YES we still went a little overboard on the basket. But not nearly as bad as last year. This year there were NO LIVE ANIMALS involved. Progress.


Finally, no Easter blog post would be complete without a shot of THE outfit.

imageHandsome, right?

But don’t go crazy thinking we spent a fortune. No way! I’m far too thrifty for that. I found the entire ensemble at a local thrift store (seriously, it’s Izod!) for less than $20, shoes included. My husband and I wore outfits we had in our closets, and I (reluctantly) agreed not to buy a new rug for our less than beautiful living room floor. Money saved, money earned. That’s a SAHMs biggest challenge.

Happy Easter my dear peeps. May you feel the joy of the presence of Jesus. The Lord has risen to bless us this Easter, and I pray that the love of God is resurrected, reborn and renewed in your heart today and every day.


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