Fatty McFat Cat

OK. I suck. Really I do. I haven’t spent time with you guys in over a month. Not only have I been knee-deep in other writing assignments, but I’ve been CRAZY busy in our community, at our Church, and (naturally) raising our tot. So yeah, it’s been a hectic month, but I’m regaining my sanity, and learning to schedule a bit better, and realizing that this season of life is slow in comparison to the years to come. Deep breathes, Jane. Deep breathes.

And, because I owe it to you, I thought I share a bit of the hilarious chaos we’ve had in our home lately.

This is SassyCat.

26819_1477135168733_1194074_nShe’s more than slightly overweight. In fact, this picture is a few years old. I’d take a new one for you, but that would involve getting up, finding my camera, chasing down said animal, uploading, etc… And, since I’ve already put in a full day of toddler induced craziness I’ll stay right here on this sofa and finish vegging out to my favorite Monday night comedies. Long story short- SHE’S HEFTY. Pumpkin like, indeed.

These are the steep stairs that lead to our second floor.

image (2)

In a hysterical, albeit practical ¬†move, her potty, food, and toys are now neatly tucked into a room at the top of said stairs. And ladies and gentlemen, SHE’S TICKED! I watched her sit at the bottom of the steps for thirty minutes just starring up, wondering if her chub could make it to the top. And then, step-by-step, VERY slowly she made her way to her “room” gazing back at me with an “I’ll suffocate you in your sleep” look with each passing step.

So I’ll either suffocate beneath the rolls of a lovable, but temporarily ticked-off kitty tonight, or I’ll be back soon to give you yet another amusing tale from the good life.


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