So, it’s Halloween. And I’m exhausted. I’m quite literally holding on by threads lately. But I’m forever blessed to have the love and support of our family, and new friends as the hubs finishes a HUGE work project. And knowing how much my husband loves his work, and how lucky we are for him to be employed in a manner which allows me to focus on our family makes the long hours (and often single-parenthood) worth it.

And it’s more than Halloween…


So in honor of the occasion I give you…

66913_1727175619588_4303668_nOur first Halloween. He was nearly 4 months old and already over 15lbs. My little tank. My love.


375353_2708727837780_431086257_nOur second Halloween. He was our little golfer, and slam full of smiles. Again, LOVE.

297171_10200126166697293_89687076_nLast year he was a typical 2 year old, as Blue’s Clues was the theme. There’s no doubt he could watch Joe, Steve, Blue and the gang from sun up to sun down. He would hold his chubby little hands up and do the Blue’s Clues jazz hands sign and say, in his sweet little voice, “Bews Cews, mommy”! Again, Love.

DSC06202And then there was this year. As noted, I’m exhausted these days. Holding our little world together single-handedly has been a true test of both will and patience. So when it came to designing a costume I was less than motivated. After a night or two browsing Pinterest for an idea I GAVE UP and remembered I had this little number in his dress-up bin. Add a custom crocheted hat courtesy of his FABULOUS great Aunt and we called it a day.

At the end of the night he has a bag full of carefully screened gluten free candy, a mommy and daddy who love him and each other very much, and a mommy who’s willing to admit to herself that it’s ok to be less than perfect…sometimes.

Happy Halloween!


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