Healthier Potato Skins

When my husband is lucky enough to get a day off I go overboard in the kitchen. After all, the fastest way to a mans heart is through his stomach, right?!

So today I’ve been cooking non-stop. And not just for my husband, but for you too. I’ve had several recipes “on the back burner” (HA!) so to speak, and today felt like the perfect opportunity to try a few out. And since we’re on an “UGH, we just moved budget” most have been more than budget friendly.

Here’s one of my favorite. It’s a salty, cheesy, bacony (is that a word) combination of heaven. It was SERIOUSLY hard for me to not eat the entire platter. And even though I tried to make a healthier version, eating 10 potatoes would not look good on my already fluffy hips. So here it is, my…


Follow the link HERE to see the recipe on CookJaneCook!

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