Quick Gluten Free Granola

I’ve been buying gluten free granola at the not-so-cheap price of $6.99/lb. for over a year now. And then suddenly, after running out yesterday morning, it dawned on me- MAKE YOU’RE OWN! Seriously, Jane. Get it together!

I had oats, dried fruit, nuts, and a plethora of additives, so off to the mixing bowl and oven I went. And within an hour I had a delicious, preservative-free, and inexpensive granola that’ll last for at least a few weeks. The cost: $5.00/3lbs. YEP, THREE POUNDS! I’m pretty proud of this one, folks!



Click the link HERE to read the recipe on CookJaneCook!

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  1 comment for “Quick Gluten Free Granola

  1. Donna Melton
    September 5, 2013 at 8:06 PM

    Yum. This sounds really good. I’ve been wanting a granola recipe for awhile. It’s getting harder and harder to find one I like (and can eat at the store. I’m going to give this a try with dates & almonds (can’t eat most nuts or dried fruits). I’m probably stir in some coconut.

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