Happy Days

Today, well yesterday really, I decided we needed a few houseplants. This ‘ol apartment was looking a little lifeless. And frankly, I wanted something to take care of that wouldn’t whine or have “accidents” on the carpet (I’ll let you figure out which is the tot and which is the dog).

They make me SO happy. They’re so cheery and green (for now). They’ve brought an entire new feel to our home, and I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

I can feel my green thumbed bestie and dad smiling right now…

With a little lot of help from my tot, they were potted and positioned within a half hour. It took twice as long to clean up the potting soil foot prints he left on the carpet. They make a nice addition to this VERY beige apartment, and my lonely herb “garden” no longer looks, well, lonely.

As pretty as they are I give it less than a week before my tot dumps them all in the floor. Ah, wishful thinking for sure…


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