Gear Guide: The Littlest Learners

My followers already know what a junkie I am for wooden children’s toys. Nothing beats their ability to inspire creativity and imagination in our tots- especially when compared to the plastic monstrosities you find in most department stores. That’s why I LOVE receiving wooden toys from small independent companies to review.  Not only does it spread the word about their craft, but it gives me (AND YOU) an opportunity to see the latest and greatest in the world of educational wooden toys for our tots!

This week The Littlest Learners sent my tot a Montesorri and Waldorf inspired matching game. I was SUPER excited to try the game, and test my tots ability to successfully match the colored pegs. Just after breakfast I broke out the game, and though my tot’s been quite grumpy from teething all week, he had a blast exploring his new toy.

The kit came with 6 dolls and 6 matching cups painted in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. When matched together they are approximately 2.5 inches tall, and comes with a handy drawstring tote for storage and travel. Each doll and cup are painted in AP-certified non-toxic water colors and are sealed with a mixture of beeswax and olive oil- FANTASTIC news since my tot is still mouthing his toys.

The toy aims to teach your tot the colors of the rainbow, all while increasing hand-eye coordination. My tot was EXTREMELY focused as he placed the pegs in the cup, and DID NOT want any help from momma. Although he didn’t quite match the correct colors, I was proud to watch him focus on the placement of the pegs.

The toy is relatively small when separated, so I’d recommend supervising your tot as they play. Though the toy is simple in construction and design, its ability to increase my tot’s focus and determination is unsurpassed- so much so that he screamed for 5 minutes when it was time to move on to a different activity. Any time a tot can be challenged during play increases their developmental response to the activity. This toy definitely provides such stimulation!

I would HIGHLY recommend the peg matching game from The Littlest Learners, or any other toy they produce. Such standards in early childhood development toys is HARD TO FIND!

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**Disclaimer: This product review was made possible by The Littlest Learners.  I was not compensated for this review other than a product sample provided by The Littlest Learners. All opinions are 100% mine.**

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