An Artsy Evening

An old friend from graduate school invited me to “girls night” at a local art studio this past Saturday. And since I hadn’t been out in FOREVER I left the tot with his best bud (daddy, of course) and headed out to get my paint on!

We have a blast creating one-of-a-kind works of “art” all while downing a few glasses/bottles of wine and delicious cakes.

(Click here for my Lemon Pound Cake “girls night” recipe)

The only failing grade I ever received was in 7th grade art class. And I’ve never let it go…stupid still life.

But I think I did pretty well considering I can’t draw a stick figure correctly.

May I present…

I’m calling it “Bathroom Beach”…can you guess where I’m hanging it? HA!

Such fun. Great company. Great wine. GREAT CAKE.

Here’s to my next¬†masterpiece.


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