And So It Begins…

Being a first time parent naturally comes with many “what the heck” and “holy molasses” (yeah, that’s my go-to phrase) moments. But I’ll proudly admit that there haven’t been too many instances that have shaken my maternal instincts…until now.

This is officially my W-T-Fudge moment.

Mentally he is ready to potty train. Physically he is ready to potty train. Verbally he is ready to potty train. So what’s the problem, you ask?


I just have no idea where to start. For crying out loud, I only semi-successfully potty trained my dog. My tot likes to sit on his potty, make noises like he’s going potty, but the second you slip off that diaper all you have is a naked screaming toddler running around your house peeing on your expensive new rug.

So, I bought a kit! You know, because it couldn’t hurt, right? Since our tot already uses sign language, and has an amazing vocabulary for his age, I went with a kit that teaches the signs associated with the potty, reinforces the signs with vocabulary, and uses rewards such as stickers and a fun “I did it” whistle.

Now don’t get me wrong. He is no where near ready to be out of diapers. I simply believe he is ready to use the potty on an irregular basis. Being 22 months old, I still feel as if we’re looking at 28-30 months before he catches on completely. But that doesn’t bother me. I want the process to be as stress free as possible…with as little screaming (from both of us) as possible.

So, my dear fans, wish me well as I charge in to battle (stain remover in hand) to potty train my tot.


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