Westward Bound…

Just one week left at the coast. Is that right? After months of trekking back and forth, over and over again, from the coast to the capital our long journey will be over in 6 days. Wow.

Luckily, he’s a happy traveler!

Its been a long road, FULL of uncertainty, but we’re MORE THAN excited to walk into our home next Monday evening and know that, God willing, we’ll not have to go anywhere else for a long while. I need stability, folks. I need to make roots, make friends, make my mark. And the only way to do that is to stop moving every 12-18 months. But its our M.O., our thing. We have to move to stay ahead of the game, the crowd, the hoards of other retail slaves just like my husband that commit themselves 100% to companies that barely know their name.

But we’re happy. We’re happy that aside from our physical address nothing in our little lives will have to change. I will continue writing and raising our tot. My husband will continue working and finishing his degree. And with a little luck, my tot will master the big boy potty. Life is good now. Life has always been good…not always pretty, but definitely good.

So, I think I’ll make my husband carry me (with tot in tow) across the threshold next Monday evening, for its a new beginning for us all. Its a new city. A new job. A new lifestyle. A new start. At the very least it will have the neighbors thinking we’re newlyweds and we might score some goody baskets!


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