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Welcome to our new guest blogger, Ash.

Make sure you check out Ash’s AMAZING blog at http://www.lovedotlulu.com/. I’m a HUGE fan of this talented writer, devoted wife and loving mother. I know you’ll fall in love with her, just as I have!


hi everyone! i’m ash from love. lulu. i am so thrilled to be guest posting here today. thanks, jane!


it’s been almost two years since that warm, june night. since that moment that changed our lives forever.


it’s been almost two years since we first met our sweet, sweet baby boy. the moment when our little family of two became three. when our house became fuller. our sleep became slimmer. and we had a new little life that was completely reliant on us for survival.


between feedings, diaper changes & figuring out how to get some sort of normality into our daily lives, i’ve learned so much of the importance of putting my marriage first in my parenting over these twenty two months. and it all boils down to one main idea. in order to love my baby boy best, i need to love my husband best, first.


now, it’s no secret that really love my man. but even hopeless romantics with super cute husbands like me are prey to easily pushing the needs of my marriage aside for a pair of sweet little cheeks (i’m talking toddler cheeks, just to clarify).



after much learning (and failing), i’ve come up with a list of a few ways to keep you on track with paying attention to your marriage, in the midst of these trying toddler days of spring.


date nights. i can’t stress how important having a time put aside for just you and your man is. to reorient yourselves and be able to focus on each other. to focus on living your life out. together. and to just enjoy each other. it’s amazing how much just a few hours alone can refresh a tired pair of parents.


realize you’re not superwoman. for me, this has been hard. i tend to measure my success as a wife & mother by how perfect everything is in our house at any given day. needless to say, i don’t have a sunny outlook on my measuring up most of the time.


instead, ask your husband what would bless him. if you’re really worried about pleasing your husband with your housework, why not just ask him what’s most important? for us, it’s actually getting the laundry put away and not having piles of papers strewn everywhere.


brush your hair. you think i’m kidding, but i rarely brush my hair. but i’m not just talking hair. i’m talking about actually trying. just a little. my husband knows how exhausted i am, & appreciates all i do for our little family, but sometimes, it’s nice for me to not always look disheveled. and, well, brushing my hair & putting on some mascara really does a world of difference. and maybe even break out some clothes that that actually fit. in other words, your fancy yoga pants. :)


talk togetherpray together. this might be the most important part of all. remembering that we are in this together. one life. taking the time to come together. knowing we have been entrusted with this beautiful little blend of us. together. has caused our love & our lives to become rooted even deeper in the lord and each other.


so get out there. leave a few dirty dishes in the sink. brush your hair. go on a hot date.


and remember how thankful you are to be on this journey of parenting. together.




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