Ugh. Celebrity Moms

Who are you trying to impress, huh? Are you each in some sort of freshly minted maternal competition to see who can loose the baby weight the fastest? Are you thinking, somewhere deep in your Red Bulled, Mocha-Frapped brains, that you’re somehow inspiring us normal folk? Well, news flash. Rubbing your tight bodies in our face a mere month after delivering your prodigy may get you on the cover of PEOPLE, but it makes any other mom with a tot under under 5 have day dreams of the violent kind!

I can only speak for myself, but its challenging getting back in to shape after having a baby. Sure nursing helps,  but not as much as some celebrities would have you believe. Those results come from Hollywood miracle diets, trainers, and weeks of dedication to your body, NOT your baby. And I know, I know. Its not their fault. Its the pressure we put on them BEFORE they have their tots. We idealize them. We want to look like them, dress like them, wear our hair like them- but all of this has made me realize what a disservice we’ve created for new celebrity moms…after all, we’re ALL moms.

So, as a society lets try to emphasize the parenting of the next celebrity mom, and not her waist line. Lets not criticize her if she’s not a size double zero 6 weeks after giving birth, but rather celebrate her curves, encourage her to nurse her child and support her by giving her the privacy she needs to recuperate from one of the most exhausting miracles in nature.


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