With Love, Jane

At 20 months we are busier than EVER. I feel like the only chance I have to breathe is when my tot sleeps, which is getting less and less these days. But luckily things are starting to fall in to place. We are starting to feel settled. We joked the other day that the only consistency our little family has known these last few years has been inconstancy. But nevertheless, we have each other. We have precious minutes each morning when we beg each other for 5 more minutes of sleep. We have 11 pm when we stand above our sleeping tot for one last moment of family time before we turn out the lights. We have each other. Blessed easily sums up my feelings lately. Challenged, yes. But blessed for sure. But I have no reason to complain. I asked for grace and received it. I asked for guidance and no longer feel lost. After a BIG thank you, and an even BIGGER glass of wine, its time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Yeah, we're working on the "binky issue".

As we continue to settle down in our new home, in our new city, in our new lives, we’ll happily continue to share our story with you. As I’ve always promised, it won’t always be pretty, but it will ALWAYS be honest.


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