Terrible Not-So-Two’s

Where did I go wrong? I mean, seriously! Almost overnight my angelic little snuggle bunny has morphed into a screaming, demanding, temper tantrum throwing (dare I say) hellion. I know, I know. The clinical definition would be early onset “terrible two’s”, but boy ‘o boy does it SUCK! Yesterday I was that mom in the department store that I use to feel sorry for. I had a screaming child, Elmo balloon in hand, face down on the floor in the middle of the aisle refusing to be picked up, consoled, spoken to, or otherwise reprimanded. People were LITERALLY stepping over us. I’m positive I was six shades of red as I embarrassingly apologized to random strangers for the actions of my 20 month old. And again, this has happened OVER NIGHT. He used to LOVE shopping. Now, the sight of a cart, and the thought of being strapped to it sends him into a wailing fit. My husband and I head to the grocery store as if we’re prepared for battle. The diaper bag is loaded down with toys, cheddar crackers, granola bars, dried fruit, YOU NAME IT! I totally understand why parents strap their children to those cute animal-like backpacks with dog leashes attached, whereas before I mocked their ability to control their children. Yeppers…probably gonna invest in one of those soon.

So bring it on TERRIBLE TWO’S. We’re far less than prepared. Heck, you’ll probably kick our tush. But I’ve never met a parent that didn’t make it to the other side, so whats the worse that could happen? Mother nature has already blessed me with gray hair and wrinkles. As long as my tot learns to STOP SCREAMING IN PUBLIC, and remains healthy and happy, I’m sure we’ll blink and be enjoying his third birthday in no time.

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