Baby Babble Review

I cannot say enough about Talking Child’s video Baby Babble. It is by far my tot’s favorite video, and has been since our friendly delivery man dropped it off on our door step over a year ago.

Baby Babble is an interactive speech-enhancing video, brought to you by speech-language pathologists Amy Chouinard and Cory Poland, which incorporates fun toy time with facial exercises, sign language, sounds and words.

My 19 month old tot has been watching the video 2-3 times a week since he was 4 months old and can say every word, and sign every sign the video offers. He delights in his ability to effectively communicate with his new words, expressions and signs. He gets overly excited when he see’s the Baby Babble DVD case, as he know’s its time to “show off” his skills.

Baby Babble is not just for tots with speech delays, as our tot is on schedule with development. I purchased the video to give him an advantage in speech, language and communication development. Not to mention, when it comes to video’s I’d rather he’d watch something engaging and stimulating, and Baby Babble fits the bill.

Baby Babble comes with a handy parent tutorial, sign language tutorial, and speech and language developmental charts-FREE! And for parents, the end of the video offers a 12-step parent tutorial with answers to questions such as, “What should my child be saying?” and “What can I do to encourage my child’s speech?”

Age Range: 3 to 30 months

Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes

Price: $17.99


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