Imse Vimse Liner Review

At 15 months, my tot is still too young to potty train, but old enough to make a massive mess in his diaper. Since we are a cloth diapering family, cleaning up said mess often results in a “I did it last time” debate between mommy and daddy.

So a few weeks ago I went on a diaper liner search for toddlers. We tried several brands, and went though A LOT of diaper wash solution, but finally we found THE PERFECT DIAPER LINER.

Imse Vimse makes a toddler diaper liner that will catch anything your tot can, um, throw at it! These flushable liners are used between the diaper and the baby’s skin, letting moisture pass through to the diaper while preventing solids to soak into the diaper, which will take the mess out of washing your cloth diapers. Just flush away the mess, and spend more time with your tot instead of dunking diapers. They are large enough to cover the entire diaper, something we’ve missed since our tot outgrew the last liner brand. These bio-degradable flushable liners are an all natural paper product; they are unbleached and biodegradable.

For around $8 you get 100 toddler sized liners, which will last about a month or so in our house. Can we say ECONOMICAL!


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