Buddy Fruit Review

Lets be honest. Providing quality, nutritious snacks for your tot when you’re on the run is difficult. I will admit that my tot has had the occasional french fry or chicken nugget to pacify him when we’re out for an extending shopping trip. I know its less than healthy, but being the mom of a toddler means you’ll do just about anything to keep them calm around strangers.

That’s where this miracle product comes in. Its called BUDDY FRUITS. Its an all natural, preservative free fruit puree that comes in a handy, mess-free bottle. All I have to do is open the lid, and my tot sucks out all of the nutricious fruit without any need for a wet wipe!

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These ingenious little packets of sanity were less than $1 at my local super center. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!


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