Assignment Reminders

Vocab Rehab 7

This weeks words are: Defiance- a hostile challenge Deft- skillful in physical movements; especially of the hands Destination- the place designated as the end, as of a race or journey

7th Grade Enlightenment Gallery Walk

Since many students left early for athletics, here is the link to complete the gallery walk from class today. The last box in the grid can be left blank.

Reading IS Required!

Don’t forget, reading is part of your grade. Accelerated Reader counts for 10% of your overall ELA grade. If you CHOOSE not to take AR tests, you cannot expect to earn a good grade at the end of the marking period. Parents, please encourage your child to read and take frequent AR tests during AR…


Seventh grade timeline projects are due tomorrow, September 15th. Each timeline should include 5 events from the students life, and 5 world events from the students lifetime. I can’t wait to see your Buc-tastic creativity.

Vocab Rehab #2

This weeks words are: Aptitude, Attentive, Banish Last weeks words were: Apprehensive, Aplomb, Adversary Remember to study your new AND old words each night. Monday – WIDE (Word, Illustration, Definition, Example) Tuesday – Classify It! Wednesday – Write It! Thursday – Show it! Friday – Test Day


Students :: Many are choosing NOT to TURN IN their assignments that start as classwork and carry over as homework. Since I rarely assign ELA homework outside of “Wordly Wise” (8th grade) and “Vocab Rehab” (7th and 8th Grade) it’s important that these assignments make it back to the bin each day. Remember, there is…

Important Dates

Don’t forget Bethel School will host Open House August 24th, and the first day of school is August 28th. Click the link below to access the Pitt County calendar for the 2017-18 school year.